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Consulting Philosophy

LCG's client service philosophy is simple, yet effective. Our goal is to provide clients with the highest quality service available and to continually improve on that level of service.

LCG strives to build all client relationships into true partnerships. Trust, excellent communication, confidentiality and responsibility are considered to be the cornerstones of a healthy, prosperous client relationship.

LCG's objective with each client is to help them define and meet their objectives through enhanced return, reduced risk and lower overall fees and expenses.

Investment Philosophy
LCG's investment philosophy is comprised of five key tenets that underpin our investment advice:
  • Invest the portfolio with a strategic approach - we are investors, not market timers
  • Align investment objectives (assets) with liabilities/spending
  • Portfolio diversification is critical for prudent asset management and risk control
  • Focus on enhancing net of fee performance
  • Provide independent and objective advice