We thank our clients for placing their trust in our firm. For four consecutive years, their ratings resulted in LCG being named a Greenwich Quality Leader for Overall U.S. Investment Consulting for Midsize Consultants.

Greenwich Quality Leader

The Greenwich Quality Leaders Awards are conducted by Coalition Greenwich, a third-party firm that has no affiliation with LCG, and are based on quality ratings provided by clients of investment consultants. Between February and November 2022, Coalition Greenwich conducted interviews with 727 senior professionals at 590 of the largest tax-exempt funds, 31 of whom retain LCG, in the United States. The rankings presented are not necessarily representative of any single client’s experience, but rather represent the collective views of LCG’s sampled clients. Rankings do not represent an endorsement of LCG. LCG does not pay to have its clients participate in the study. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please see Disclosures below for additional disclosure information.