Client Education

Client education is one of LCG’s strengths. Because our business model is focused on providing outstanding client service, LCG’s Consultants go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are well-informed about investment related topics that matter most to them. Importantly, LCG does not rely on “canned” or “off the shelf” white papers to educate our clients. All of our educational materials are custom designed for each client and are presented by knowledgeable Consultants with expertise in the area of discussion. Examples of educational topics that LCG has addressed with clients include:

  • Active versus Passive Management
  • Private Debt 101
  • Overview of Endowment Spending Policies
  • Analysis of Common Benchmarks
  • The Case for International Investing
  • The Role of Hedge Funds Today

It is common for an LCG client to raise a question that becomes an educational client presentation. LCG’s “Firm of Analysts” culture fosters collaborative idea sharing to ensure that our clients receive the best thinking of the entire firm